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What is Stealing Your Power?

Being a powerful leader begins with a reality check:

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Grasping the REAL success landscape: power, influence and allies.

Articulating what you stand for as a professional and a leader.

Cementing your position and leadership brand.

In truth, organizations are full of twists and turns that steal your career power.

The relationships and visibility you cultivate in the first 90 days will make or break your future in a role. How you onboard can outshine even what you accomplish.  New bosses change the landscape.  Not so great bosses or peers who have a different set of rules and values can roadblock your success.  Natural ebbs and flows can influence how you are perceived.

What is your strategy?

The terrain is naturally rocky.   What new heights could you scale with a partner beside you?

“The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future”
~ Eric Hoffer