Evolve  your career, professional savvy and impact.

Communicating Your Potential

You determine how others relate to you, call upon you, and promote you. When they sense more certainty about your strengths, potential or place in this world, others become willing co-creators in your story.

“Our work together is focused on helping you achieve your full potential with clarity, purpose and power. The result? True confidence and a greater feeling of control over your career future.”
~ Jodie Charlop

Which Coaching Path Moves You Ahead Fastest?


Maybe the path you’re on doesn’t quite ‘fit’. Perhaps the company was sold or its culture shifted beneath you. Maybe it’s just time to change gears. Framing your history is critical. Future clarity is a must. Let’s strategize your next steps and co-develop a smart plan to get there. We can help you…


Organizations are full of twists and turns that steal your career power. How you onboard in those first 90 days can make or break your future. How you cultivate relationships and visibility can outshine what you accomplish. Power, politics and their implications for your career are a mighty reality – don’t navigate them alone. We can help you…

CAREER POWER – Be Relevant

With your unique experience and perspectives, opportunities will come to YOU. But only if you are communicating your value to the world. We keep your vision front and center by teaming you up with a skilled strategist, sounding board, and confidante rolled all into one. We can help you…